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Air Pilot Valves

Clippard Low Pressure Air Pilot Valve Low Pressure Air Pilot Valves

The term "low pressure" is a relative term. These valves can sense pressure down to 1.5" H20 and actuate amplifier valves that will give output pressure of 150 psig and over 25 SCFM to cover most high flow miniature pneumatic applications.


• N.C. Amplifier Valves
• Bleed Pressure Piloted Limit Valves
• N.O. or N.C. Air Pilot Valves
• Electronically Piloted Valves
• Pressure Piloted Snap Action
  Amplifying Valve

Clippard Maximatic Air Valve Maximatic® Air Pilot Valves

Clippard Maximatic® Air Pilot Valves are spool type valves with single or double air pilots. With maximum flow in a small package, they are well-suited for packaging, factory automation and OEM fluid power applications.


• 3-Way and 4-Way configurations
• 2-Position Spring Return and
  Air Pilot Valves
• 3-Position Spring Centered
  Double Air Pilot Valves
• Manifolds and Accessories

Clippard Air Pilot Brass Valves Brass Air Pilot Valves

Clippard's PAV/PAVO Series brass air pilot valves incorporate an integral pilot actuator that provides a compact assembly and simple installation. They are ideal for remote and miniature applications where you need higher air flow and/or lower power.


• PAV/PAVO Series
• Normally-Open or Normally-Closed
• 2-Way and 3-Way configurations

Clippard Air Pilot Valves Modular Valves

Versatility is the key when it comes to Clippard Minimatic® Modular Valves. Available in an unlimited variety of directional, low pressure and special control valves, each is encased in a body designed to mount and link together with a simple piping system. They are the supreme "Plug and Play" devices for pneumatic applications.


• Combination and Delay Valves
• Multi Check Valves
• Twin and Dual Twin Pilot Valves
• Bleed Pilot Valves
• Specialty Function Modular Valves
• Modular Check Valve, Regulator
  and Pulse Valves
• Vacuum Generator Valves
• Volume Chamber, Filter
  and Sequence Valves
• Modular Sequencing Valves

Clippard Valve Actuator Air Pilot Valve Actuators

Clippard Air Pilot Valve Actuators are one of the most versatile items in the Clippard line. They thread onto the tops of Clippard miniature 2-Way, 3-Way, and 4-Way valves or ES-1 electric switches to provide fast pilot actuation from a pneumatic signal.


• Single Acting, Single Acting
  Spring Return and Single Acting
  Spring Return Vacuum
• Compatible with all Clippard
  and FV Series valves