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Why should you choose Clippard for your next project? Our Application Engineering Department has designed tens of thousands of special variations, modifications, and integrated pneumatic/fluid systems. This nimble and creative team accounts for 40% of the revenue at Clippard. In choosing a partner to solve problems and create solutions, you want experience, creativity, and reliability. Clippard delivers innovative, reliable products quickly and at a fair price.

Clippard Value-Added Assembly with Custom Acrylic ManifoldClippard Value-Added Assembly with Custom Aluminum Manifold

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Clear communication leads to clear expectations, which leads to mutual success. Partnering with Clippard pairs your engineers' knowledge with our engineers' +150 years of experience. Start your inquiry today with these guides to help us understand your next step:

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Clippard Custom Solutions

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  • Full design and prototype capabilities
  • IPC certified
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Class 7 Clean Room capabilities
  • Full array of CNC equipment
  • Helium leak detection of assemblies (down to 10-11)
  • State-of-the-art testing labs
  • High capacity and short run assembly capabilities
  • In-house tooling and automation teams
  • Award-winning culture in manufacturing
  • A badass technical sales team
Clippard Class 7 Clean Room Precision Machining PTFE


  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Dental equipment
  • Analytical and diagnostic equipment
  • Leak test manufacturers
  • Material handling
  • Fluid handling applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Pressure or flow control devices
  • Industrial equipment
  • Your application!

If you don't see what you need in our standard catalog, we hope that you will start a relationship with Clippard to provide your unique solutions.

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  Clippard Integrated Value-Added Services

Clippard Instrument Laboratory has pioneered the miniature pneumatic industry. We have an expansive line of components that are used in thousands of applications across many markets. It is this experience and knowledge of our own products that is available to our customers when collaborating with Clippard to develop the right solution. Our production, engineering, and sales staff will come together with your organization to design, build, QC, and ship your pneumatic assembly when you need it.

Our goal is to optimize a systems design, to increase performance, reduce cost, and allow our customers to concentrate on their core competencies.

Adding Value is Our Business!

•     100% tested sub-assemblies
•     Less component stock/inventory
•     Fewer vendors and purchase  
•     Requires less manufacturing
•     Increase production efficiency
•     Specialized support     
•     Overall cost reduction
•     Taking advantage of Clippard’s expertise

Clippard offers the following services:

•    Pneumatic Assemblies    
•    Special Manifold Designs
•    Manifold Assemblies    
•    Pneumatic Circuit Design
•    Control Boxes    
•    Fitting & Tubing Harnesses
•    Component Kitting    
•    Specialized Testing
•    KanBan Services

Clippard’s Integrated Solutions team designed a simple, straight-forward approach for piloting process valves. This assembly greatly simplifies the installation and ease-of-use for the OEM design engineer.

Clippard has a unique advantage by providing custom products and value-added assemblies based on the most successful miniature pneumatic line in the world.

Clippard's goal is to optimize system design, increase performance, reduce cost, and allow our customers to concentrate on their core competencies.