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Clippard Miniature Whisker Valve


Clippard's MWV-1 is a 2-way, Normally-Closed miniature whisker valve for use with bleed pressure piloted control circuits. The valve's coil spring, stainless steel whisker is easily replaceable and can be formed to different shapes.

Clippard Miniature Whisker Valve

Medium: Air
Switching Speed: 125 Hz, Normally-Open
Operating Pressure: 150 psig/10 bar max.
Air Flow: 28 l/min @ 50 psig; 42 l/mim @ 100 psig
Force for Full Stem Travel: 1/4 oz. approx.
Mounting: 5/16-24 male thread; nut and lock washers furnished.
Bleed: To atmosphere around whisker stem
Whisker: Stainless steel, approx. 3" (76.2) length

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Clippard Miniature Whisker Valve


Part No. Description
MWV-1 Normally-Closed Whisker Valve, #10-32
MWV-M5 Normally-Closed Whisker Valve, M5
MWV-1P Normally-Closed Whisker Valve, 1/8" NPT
12375-BLK MWV-1 Whisker Replacement, Bulk
12375-PKG MWV-1 Whisker Replacement, Pack of 10

Bleed Pilot Control

Bleed Pilot Control Circuit
In this circuit, the normally-open MAVO-3 is held in the closed position because the normally-closed MWV-1 creates a back pressure in the MPA-3 pilot operator. If the “whisker” of the MWV-1 is contacted it exhausts the line from the MNV-1 and the pilot actuator which allows the spring to open the MAVO-3. When the whisker is “reset” the output of the MAVO-3 will be turned off.
The MNV-1 is adjusted to a flow value that is less than the flow of the MWV-1. If the flow through the MNV-1 is too low, the MAVO-1 will have a continuous output. Conversely, if the MNV-1 is passing too much air, the MWV-1 will reach a “saturated” condition and the MAVO-3 will remain in the off position.
Note: When this circuit is initially connected to an air supply, a momentary output from the MAVO-3 will occur. Evaluate how this will affect your control.