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An Alternative to Intrinsically Safe Valves


Learn how air pilot valves can provide a useful, cost-effective solution for applications in hazardous environments.

Video filmed at Clippard in Cincinnati, Ohio




Hi there. So, it’s not a good idea to have electricity in a potentially combustible environment. Intrinsically safe valves are ideal for these types of applications. They’re ideal because they essentially limit the amount of electricity in those environments. However, you’re still introducing electricity into a potentially dangerous environment. A fantastic alternative to intrinsically safe valves is air piloting or remote piloting the valve that’s in that dangerous environment.

I’ve set up a little demo here to help illustrate how simple this concept is. Here, we have an air piloted valve that’s located in the hazardous area. To it, we have a pressurized air line, along with the air piloted line that goes back to a remote electronic valve. I can actuate the electronic valve and remotely actuate the air piloted valve in the hazardous environment.

It can also be used in applications where you need to actuate several valves within the same hazardous area, greatly simplifying the requirements in the application.

Make sure you know the application well, and check any specific requirements before doing this. The speed and reliability that air piloting can bring you makes for a great alternative to something that’s typically complex and expensive.

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