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Press Releases

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E2S 10 mm Isolation Valves  PDF
NPV-7 Long Stroke Pinch Valves  PDF
NPV Panel-Mounted Pinch Valves  PDF

2023   AIV Air-Piloted Isolation Valves  PDF
Cordis CP1 Dynamic Pressure Controls  PDF

2022   Cordis Custom Calibrated Pressure Sensors  PDF
ES Series Electronic Valves  PDF
NIV PEEK Media Isolation Valves  PDF
10-15 mm Electronic Valves Brochure   PDF

2021   Cordis Pressure Controls Receive CE Mark Approval   PDF
Cordis Flow Controllers Win Innovation Award  PDF
Cordis Electronic Flow Controllers PDF

2020   Eclipse U.S. Patent Issuance PDF
Cordis High Pressure Proportional Controls PDF
Clippard Responds to COVID-19 Demands PDF
Eclipse Proportional Isolation Valves PDF

2019   Cordis Series Digital Proportional Pressure Controls PDF
PTFE Gradient Media Isolation Valves PDF

2018   PTFE Media Isolation Valves Provide Custom Solutions PDF
New Precision Flow Controls Catalog PDF

2017   Bob Clippard Business Hall of Fame PDF
Dual Tube 3-Way Miniature Pinch Valves PDF
William Clippard Ohio State Achievement Award PDF
8 mm Electronic Valves PDF

2016   DR-2 Series Precision Diaphragm Regulators PDF
Ohio State University Visit PDF
NIV Series PTFE Isolation Valves PDF
7 mm Electronic Valves PDF

2015   NPV Series Miniature Pinch Valves PDF
Stainless Steel Push-Quick Fittings PDF
DV Series High Flow 3-Way Electronic Valves PDF
MAR-1 Series Miniature Pressure Regulators PDF
Reinventing the Internet PDF
Stainless Steel Cylinders Wrapped & Ready PDF
New Pneumatic Products & Solutions Catalog PDF
William L. Clippard, III Honored by The Ohio State University PDF
All Stainless Steel Pneumatic Cylinders PDF

2014   GNV Series Needle Valves PDF
EFB Series Fill & Bleed Circuits PDF
EGV Series Electronic High Flow Poppet Valves PDF
DV Series High Flow 2-Way Electronic Valves PDF
BudPack Launches to Package AirBud PDF
Manifold Mounted Multi Check Valves PDF

2013   PQ Flow Control Series PDF
GV-GTV Series High Flow Poppet Valves, Incl. Cartridge Styles PDF
HV-HTV Toggle & Stem Valve Series, Including Cartridge Styles PDF
EW Series Electronic Valves PDF
Pilot-Operated Check Valves PDF
Clippard Names Company Vice Presidents PDF
Oxygen Clean Series Manifolds PDF
EVP Proportional Valves PDF
Manual Rotary Valves PDF
EVPD Proportional Valve Driver PDF
In-Line Manifolds PDF
Silencing Mufflers PDF
Oxygen Clean Series Electronic Valves PDF
Push/Pull Valves PDF
9/16" Bore Stainless Steel Cylinders PDF
Analytical Electronic Valves PDF
2-Way High Flow Electronic Valves PDF

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