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Pneumatic Valves

Selecting the right valve is crucial—a valve with greater capacity than required wastes valuable space and leads to increased cost due to excessive speed, impact, wear and air consumption. Every air system is unique. With an extensive selection of pneumatic valves, you can count on Clippard to have the valve you need to meet the specific needs of your application.


• Electronic Valves
• Proportional Valves
• Fill & Bleed Valves
• Manual Valves
• Limit Valves
• Sleeve Valves
• Toggle Valves
• Stem Valves
• Check Valves
• Exhaust Valves
• Needle Valves
• Pulse Valves
• Shuttle Valves

Cordis Electronic Controls Electronic Controls

Cordis electronic pressure regulators utilize Clippard's proven EVP and DVP lines of electronic proportional valves to allow for steady, repeatable downstream pressure as demand or processes change. The result is precise linear pressure control within a closed-loop system, with ultra high resolution and repeatability.


• Cordis High Resolution
  Proportional Pressure 

• Cordis High Pressure

Cordis Electronic Flow
• Cordis Accessories


Clippard has designed tens of thousands of special variations, modifications or completely special valves, cylinders, fittings and assemblies. We understand that a standard catalog product may be close, but not be exactly what you need. If you need a product that fits your application perfectly, we will work with you to design or modify products to suit your exact needs.


• Pneumatic Assemblies
• Special Manifold Designs
• Manifold Assemblies
• Pneumatic Circuit Design
• Control Boxes
• Fitting & Tubing Harnesses
• Component Kitting
• Specialized Testing
• KanBan Services

Pneumatic Cylinders

In the early 1950's, Clippard introduced miniature pneumatic cylinders and valves to the industry. No other manufacturer can match Clippard's level of experience or knowledge of miniature components.


• Stainless Steel Cylinders
• All Stainless Steel Cylinders
• Brass Cylinders
• Air Volume Tanks
• Custom Cylinders

Air Preparation Equipment

Maximatic® FRLs condition and prepare compressed air for use in fluid power systems. Pneumatic applications with properly conditioned air will operate longer, cost less and improve system efficiency.


• Filters
• Regulators
• Lubricators
• Gauges

Pneumatic Fittings, Hose & Tubing

Clippard precision fittings save time, space and money when designing pneumatic circuits. Choose from a large variety of miniature hose and tubing as well, from copper and nylon tubing to flexible urethane and vinyl.


• Push-Quick Fittings
• Barb Fittings
• Mufflers
• Manifolds
• Quick-Connect Fittings
• Hose & Tubing