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Community Involvement


Clippard has a vested interested in the community and cares for its well-being. Our desire for improvement in the quality of life of our employees extends to our community.

William & Harriet Clippard Family Branch YMCA

The Colerain YMCA on the corner of Cheviot and Poole was established with an outdoor pool, two tennis courts, some parking and a house trailer office. It operated programs in various locations for several years. Around 1991, George H. Edmiston, President of the YMCA, approached the Clippard family about building a full-service YMCA site. Clippard agreed to make a lead gift to get the fundraising started. Clippard family members and employees helped raise funds for the YMCA and continue to do so to this day. Many individuals and organizations rose to the challenge and on March 6, 1994, the new Colerain Township facility was dedicated as the William and Harriet Clippard Family Branch YMCA. It continues to be one of the most successful YMCAs in Cincinnati and has since undergone three expansions.

Clippard Park

In 1974, Interstate 275 was being completed and the final plans called for cutting the Clippard Air Park in half. The northern portion of the property was sold and is now retail space while the 15-acre southern portion was donated to Colerain Township to be used as a park. Clippard Park received a makeover in 2009 and now includes two baseball fields, a nature walk path, a large skate park, several shelters, a huge kids' playground and a water park.

Focus on Education

Clippard is a team sponsor for FIRST Robotics and has contributed parts to the robotics kits for over 17 years. FIRST teaches high school students how to incorporate real-world engineering skills in a fun environment. Clippard engineers volunteer their time to mentor the students and help them prepare for the competition. Clippard also hosts car washes for high school fundraising and arranges plant tours for students to give them a better understanding of manufacturing operations. Internships are frequently offered to students interested in machining and engineering.


Clippard is well-known throughout the Colerain Township community and the city of Cincinnati for their involvement with and generosity toward a wide variety of local organizations and charities. Leonard Clippard began a tradition of giving to several charities every year at Christmas, which the company has upheld throughout the years. Clippard also supports other causes throughout the year, including City Gospel Mission, Matthew 25 Ministries, Pro Kids, Relay for Life, Anthony Muñoz Foundation, Susan G. Komen, and the Leukemia Society. The company also supports local food banks. In most cases, giving and participating in local charity events is employee driven. Clippard proudly supports a number of youth soccer teams, employee sports teams and baseball programs as well as variety of other community service organizations.

Throughout the years, Clippard has been a loyal supporter of the U.S. military and the men and women who fight for our freedom. On many occasions, employees have collected items to create care packages for soldiers stationed overseas. Clippard has a collection of letters sent in gratitude for the packages, many describing their thankfulness for support from home and the reminder of why they do what they do. It is efforts like these and many more than make Clippard a rare and special place to work.