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Electronic Pressure Controls

Cordis Series High Resolution Electronic Proportional Pressure Controls New! High Resolution Proportional Pressure Controls

The Clippard Cordis is a revolutionary microcontroller primed for escape velocity from a proportional control market that has grown stagnant. Built with the highest quality Clippard EVP and EVP proportional valves at its heart, the Cordis is designed to outperform the competition in every way. With unparalleled performance and flexibility not possible with current analog proportional controllers, the Cordis makes everything from calibration to sensor variety acceptance to future development opportunities more accessible and less complicated. The future of proportional control has arrived, and it's digital.


• Smooth, linear control
• Integrated internal or external sensor
• Multiple flow configurations
• Static or dynamic applications with the
  same proportional control
• Proportional fill and bleed control
• Customizable pressure ranges and
  mounting options