Cordis High Volume Booster

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Utilizing the same microcontroller, integrated pressure sensors, and two Clippard EVP proportional valves, Clippard’s Cordis booster series provides precise linear pressure control similar to that of the CPC series with the added benefit of phenomenal forward and reverse flow characteristics. With the inlet and exhaust valves connected to the pilot area of the integral volume booster, the comparative circuit responds to the given command by referencing the on-board sensor located on the output control path of the booster. If at any point the on-board downstream sensor indicates a value higher or lower than the set point command, the comparative circuit immediately opens either the exhaust or inlet valve to maintain stable and accurate control pressure in the application process, but with significantly high flow capabilities.
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  • Smooth linear control
  • Integrated downstream sensor feedback
  • Analog and 3.3V serial command
  • Significant forward and reverse flow characteristics
  • Static or dynamic applications
  • High resolution
  • Proportional fill and bleed control
  • Customizable pressure ranges and mounting options
  • No integral bleed required to maintain high resolution
  • Ideal for use with expensive inert gases


  • Pneumatic clutch and brake
  • Test stands and production line equipment to control accurate test pressures
  • Dancer arm tension control
  • Nitrogen or other inert gas blanketing control
  • Resistance welding tip force control
  • Atomizing and fan control for painting and coating
  • Low pressure with high accuracy and resolution at high flow
  • Variable vacuum or vacuum through positive pressure control, either absolute or gauge reference

  • AccessoriesActuation Cable, 8-Pin, 6' (1800 mm): CPCH-C1, 3.3 VDC Serial Cable, 3' (900 mm): CPCH-C2, Mounting Bracket: CPCH-B3
    Accuracy±0.50% of Full Scale
    Air Flow42.5 scfm @ 80 psig (5,5 bar) typical
    Applications FormApplications Form
    Current Draw<250 mA max.
    Data SheetData Sheet
    Filtration40 micron filter (recommended)
    FunctionNormally-Closed 2-Way Proportional
    Hysteresis±0.50% of Full Scale, Max.
    LED IndicatorsPower (red) and command mode (blue—solid indicates analog, flashing indicates serial)
    Linearity±0.50% BFSL
    Material, WettedAluminum, Nitrile, FKM, Brass
    MediumClean, dry, non-corrosive gases
    Monitor Signal Accuracy±0.30% of full scale
    Mounting AttitudeAny
    Operating InstructionsOperating Instructions
    Operating PressureVac. to 150 psig (10 bar)
    Operating Temperature RangeProportional Valve: 32 to 120°F (0 to 49°C)
    Protection RatingIP65
    Resolution≤35 mV
    Response Time<20 ms typical (application dependent)
    Supply Voltage15 to 24 VDC