Cordis High Pressure Controller

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The Cordis uses a microcontroller, integrated pressure sensor, and two Clippard electronic valves. The inlet valve is connected to the moderately regulated supply pressure and the exhaust valve is connected to a port that vents excess pressure to atmosphere. Once a command is increased, the inlet valve opens up to allow supply pressure to pass over the sensor element which provides an active feedback for the microcontroller to satisfy the set point in the process. If at any point the sensor detects a value higher than the set point, the exhaust valve will modulate open to vent off the excess pressure to maintain a stable and accurate control pressure in the process.
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  • Smooth linear control
  • Integrated internal or external sensor feedback
  • Static applications
  • Customizable pressure ranges and mounting options

  • **NOTE**Consult Clippard for Custom Calibrated Ranges
    2D Files2D Files
    Accessories8-Pin Actuation Cable, 6': CPCH-C1, 3.3 VDC Serial Cable, 3': CPCH-C2, Mounting Bracket: CPCH-B2
    Accuracy±0.5% of full scale
    Data SheetData Sheet
    InstructionsOperating Instructions
    Max. Hysteresis≤0.25%
    Max. Inlet550 psig (38 bar)
    Min. Volume/Flow @ Max. Pressure≥0.75 in3 / 3.0 l/min
    Operating PressureVac. to 500 psig (34 bar)
    Operating Temperature32 to 180°F (0 to 82°C)
    Port Size1/8" NPT
    Resolution≤50 mV
    Signal/Command0 to 10 VDC
    TypeHoused Unit