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Cordis Flow Controller FAQ

Is the output flow of the Cordis Flow Controller linear?

A: Yes, within +/- 1% FS

How can I electronically control the Cordis?

A: The Cordis Flow Controller can be commanded by using voltage, serial or current command.

Are there other plumbing options available?

A: The Cordis is available in 1/8" NPT or G1/8. (Manifold mount for specials only).

Can PID changes be made in the field?

A: Yes. Refer to the Operations Manual for command sets needed to accomplish this.

Can Cordis be calibrated 0 to 5.00 VDC instead of 0 to 10.00 VDC?

A: Yes, but under a special part number.

Can the output flow of the Cordis be customized?

A: Yes, This would require more detailed application specifications and a custom part number.

Can the output flow of the Cordis be customized?

A: Yes. This would require more application details and a custom part number.

What is the lowest full scale calibrated range of the Cordis?

A: 0 to 15 sccm full scale is available with a custom part number.

Where can the Cordis be purchased?

A: On-line or from your local Clippard Distributor

Does the Cordis Flow Controller require a constant regulated pressure to function accurately?

A: To maintain accuracy specifications, supply pressure must remain within 10 psig of the range identified within the configured part number.

Is the housed Cordis Flow Controller IP65?

A: Yes

Are there mounting brackets available?

A: No

What is the resolution of the Cordis Flow Controller?

A: The Controller can respond to command signal changes as low as 25 mV.

Can the Cordis Controller work with vacuum?

A: Yes, but requires a custom part number.

Will the Cordis unit be capable of performing at higher flows above 6 l/min.?

A: Yes, Special Orders and application specific details required to establish a custom part number/configuration.

Can the calibrated output range be inverted?

A: Yes, as a special.

Can the Cordis Flow Controller be used with water type media?

A: No. Clean, dry, inert gases only.