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Proportional Valves

Eclipse Proportional Isolation Valve New! Eclipse Proportional Isolation Valves

The Eclipse Proportional Isolation Valve is a proportional isolation like no other. Utilizing the industry's most robust and powerful miniature linear actuator, the patented stepper-controlled Eclipse proportional isolation valve is ideal in critical applications requiring ultra fine resolutionand excellent repeatability.


• Ceramic sliding seal
• Liquid capable
• Inert
• Zero dead volume (fully flushable)
• 0.0009 in3 (0.0154 cm3)
• Air: 0-7 l/min -0/+10% (0.247 scfm)
  @ 30 psig
• Water: 0 to 190 ml/min -0/+10%.
  (0.0067scfm) @ 30 psig

DVP Series High Flow Proportional Valves DVP Series Proportional Valves

Clippard's next-generation DV Series valve is available in a 2-Way proportional control version! The DVP Series provides a high degree of control and customization. Available in manifold mount or #10-32 mounting styles, the DVP provides fast response times and exceptionally long life.


• Industry standard for leak-free operation
• Over 1,000,000,000 cycles
• Extremely low hysteresis
• Fast response time
• Large flows in a small, sleek design
• Low heat rise/low power
• Robust stainless steel "spider" flat
  armature spring
• CE, RoHS compliant

EVP Series Proportional Valves EVP Series Proportional Valves

EVP Series valves combine the long life and low power of Clippard's best-selling EV Series valve with the additional capability of proportional control. The consistent gain of this valve provides a high degree of control for many applications. The EVP valve may be controlled using DC current, open or closed-loop control, and even PWM (pulse width modulation) to cover a broad range of applications.


• Flow proportional to input current
• Fast response
• Long life
• Single moving part
• Low friction and wear
• Low leak
• Three connection styles
• Two mounting types
• Optional valve driver

SCPV Series Stepper-Controlled Needle Valves SCPV Series Stepper-Controlled Needle Valves

Utilizing the industry's most robust and powerful linear actuator, the SCPV Series high-flow stepper-controlled proportional valves outperform competing valves in both performance and durability. SCPV valves are ideal in critical application such as gas delivery and medical, analytical, and industrial automation applications requiring high resolution, high flow, and low hysteresis.


• 2% hysteresis
• Excellent linearity—2.5% of full-scale
• 2 ms reaction time
• Millions of cycles
• Holds position for power savings
  or at a loss of power
• In-line, manifold, and cartridge styles
• Unique design allows for custom
  flow profiles
• Bipolar Chopper Drive available