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Precise, Consistent Control Supports Cell Proliferation


Bioreactors are manufactured devices or systems that support biologically active environments. They are essentially vessels in which a chemical process is carried out involving organisms or biochemically active substances derived from organisms. Part of this process is sparging, which is the introduction of air, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen to the cell culture media.


Obtaining better control of the environment to better optimize cell proliferation

Optimal cell culture growth requires not only precise control, but also consistency. In this case, this bioreactor manufacturer was looking to enhance cell proliferation by improving both of these factors.




DV series valves provide exceptional precision and repeatability

Clippard’s DV series valves were ideal for this application due to the exceptional level of precision, repeatability, and low leak performance they provide. Four DV series valves were selected to be used to control oxygen, air, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen being fed through the bioreactor’s sparger in order to control pH and dissolved oxygen (perfusion media) in the cell culture media during cell cultivation. Clippard also configured a custom manifold to fit the application’s special mounting and porting requirements. The DV series valves enabled better, more precise, more consistent control over the critical parameters impacting cell growth proliferation within the bioreactor.

Pinch valves and proportional controls can also be used to automate the addition of perfusion media to cell culture media in order to optimize the proliferation environment. Additionally, precision proportional pressure controls are well-suited for maintaining the pressure and gas mixture in the headspace of bioreactors.

Perfusion Bioreactor Diagram

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