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Products That Provide Proportional Control of Vacuum


Learn more about some of the different options available for electronically controlling vacuum in this quick video from Doug Paynter, Clippard's Proportional Product Manager.

Video filmed at Clippard in Cincinnati, Ohio




I am Doug Paynter, Proportional Product Manager here at Clippard. Today we want to talk about electronically controlling vacuum. Here at Clippard, we have the ability to provide all types of levels of products that help you control vacuum. Valves can be tested and shipped with as little a leak rate at
10-11 utilizing our clean room helium gas detector system.

Now let’s talk about Clippard’s EVP and DVP proportional valves. The more current that I apply to the valve, the more of an orifice I create. So I’m able to vary the amount of flow I let into the chamber or let out of the chamber.

We also offer our unique stepper-driven proportional valves that work with vacuum very well. The Eclipse, being designed with low-flow applications in mind, utilizes a ceramic material as the wetted parts. And so, very inert, and you can run different types of hostile gasses or fluids through it. And if you need higher flows, we offer the SCPV stepper-controlled needle valve. Both of them provide significantly higher resolution and work very well with vacuum.

For closing the loop, Clippard can take a vacuum sensor and work with a comparative circuit to give you closed loop vacuum control. With the Cordis, we utilize an onboard micro controller, a specific transducer that we can interface with, whether it’s pressure or flow, and our own EVP, DVP proportional valves. The Cordis can now provide you accurate, repeatable, high resolution control of your Venturi circuit, direct vacuum, or your vacuum break applications utilizing either a digital or analog command.

The Cordis pressure controller can now be calibrated to pretty much any calibration within the application of vacuum control to whatever the application really calls for. Whether it’s in millibar or torr, or inches of water column, inches of mercury, negative to positive pressure or differential, or simply absolute pressure calibrations, the Cordis can now provide you closed loop control of your vacuum circuit.

For more information on how Clippard can help you better control your vacuum applications, give us a call. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can see more riveting videos like this one. Thank you.