4-Way Valves

Single-pilot, multi-pilot and delay pilot valves as well as specialty valves available in a multitude of configurations including Normally-Closed, Normally-Open and fully-ported,

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Part No.
Product Description 1-27 of 27
R-401 4-Way Valve, Spring Return, Pilot-Operated, Fully-Ported Valve
R-402 4-Way Valve, 5-Ported, 2-Position
R-405 4-Way Valve, 5-Ported, LP Pilot
R-410 4-Way, 5-Ported, Memory Valve
R-412 4-Way, 5-Ported, Memory Valve
R-421 Dual 4-Way, 5-Ported, 3-Position
R-431 4-Way Spring Return, Fully-Ported, Twin Pilot Valve
R-432 4-Way 2 Position, Fully-Ported, Double Pilot Valve
R-433 4-Way Spring Return, Fully-Ported, Dual Pilot Valve,
R-434 4-Way 2 Position, Double Piloted Valve
R-436 Dual 4-Way, Twin Pilot Valve, 2-Position
R-441 4-Way Spring Return, Bleed Piloted Valve
R-442 4-Way Spring Return, Bleed Piloted Valve
R-443 4-Way Delay Out, Screw Adjustment
R-445 4-Way Delay In & Out
R-451 4-Way Binary Trigger Valve
R-453 4-Way Spring Return, Fully-Ported, 5 Port, Delay In Valve
R-454 4-Way Double-Piloted, Fully-Ported, 2-Position Delay Valve
R-461 4-Way Double-Pilot, Fully-Ported, 6-Ported Valve
R-462 4-Way Double-Pilot, 2-Position, Fully-Ported, 6 Ported Valve
R-465 4-Way 6-Ported, LP Pilot
R-471 4-Way Spring Return, Fully-Ported Amplified Pilot Valve
R-472 4-Way 2 Position, Fully-Ported Amplified Pilot Valve
R-481-12 4-Way Spring Return, Electronic Valve, 12 VDC
R-481-24 4-Way Spring Return, Electronic Valve, 24 VDC
R-482-12 4-Way 2-Position, Electronic Valve, 12 VDC
R-482-24 4-Way 2-Position, Electronic Valve, 24 VDC