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Modular IO Circuit Assembly

I/O Modular Sequencer Installation Tips      
Inputs & Outputs throughout all steps are identical and simple to hook up.  For every input or limit valve signal coming in the module will give a corresponding output in the appropriate sequence.  Keep in mind that outputs are designed for piloting and not for direct use with pneumatic actuators or devices. Use output pilots to actuate other Clippard Modular valves such as the R-412, Maximatic MMA valves or other manufacturer’s components to power your cylinders and devices.
Ports 5 and 6 are used for adding modules and repeating or resetting the sequence.  For the first module, plug port 5 and connect port 6 to the
last output in sequence in order to reset after the last step.

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Step one is typically begun with a momentary pneumatic input signal from a toggle valve, push button, Two-Hand, No-Tie-Down control, or solenoid valve.  To auto-cycle or repeat the   sequence automatically, you will need to keep the signal on until you wish to stop the auto-cycling.
Expanding / Adding Modules allows you to add steps to your sequence. Simply use jumpers to go from port 5 located on the right-hand side of
your module, and connect it to port 6 on the left-hand side of the added module. Repeat this for connecting 4 to 5, and don’t forget to connect a
supply line as well.
Reset and Continuous Cycles is used when the sequence of operation repeats, such as in automated production equipment. This step is required regardless if you are auto-cycling or manually starting each sequence. Port 5 should be plugged, port 4 should be connected to the supply port, and the last step output should go to port 6 on the first step’s module. Plug any unused supply ports and you are ready to go.
Added Functionality is commonly desired and easily achieved with these modules.  Since there are countless possibilities for pneumatic control, we ask that you contact Clippard directly for  pneumatic logic assistance or for a complete design and assembly.