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Clippard Modular Valves All Wet!


H.T.E. Technologies, Clippard’s distributor in St. Louis, recently solved several processing problems for a local car wash manufacturer. The main problem of isolating water from electricity, while implementing a new wash line, was tackled by John Nebruer of H.T.E.

By utilizing his knowledge in hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics, plus Clippard’s extensive expertise of similar applications, John was able to help the customer simplify the application while solving the primary concern of isolating water and electricity. Although Clippard’s modular valves and pneumatic circuit boards (acrylic subplates) have been used for many years in similar applications, the customer also wanted to streamline the entire control panel.

The overall application is really three processes in one. Originally there were five brushes in the process, all controlled by one pneumatic circuit board with Clippard’s Minimatic Modular valves. However, the new operation required a wheel spray and a foam generator which created many cycling, timing and interfacing considerations. No problem.

In order to use the wheel spray and foam generator as attachments, John, along with Ed Ehrhardt, Regional Sales Manager at Clippard, decided to solve the challenge by employing three separate subplates. Each subplate contains Clippard Minimatics designed to the customers specifications.

Clippard Modular Valves All Wet! Clippard fully assembles and tests each unit, ensuring a clean and easy installation process for the customer. This a true plug and play unit that has provided customer satisfaction with outstanding design and performance