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Two Hand, No Tie-Down (THNTD) Safety Circuit

Clippard’s VA-023 hand safety circuit module is a self-contained modular circuit board with all interconnections required to provide a Two-Hand, No-Tie-Down (THNTD) pneumatic circuit. Use of the VA-023 will assure simple and rapid installation of your Two-Hand-No-Tie-Down circuit.

The main function of this control is to require a machine operator to use both hands to actuate the equipment, helping to insure that the operator’s hands are not in a position to be injured by the machine as it is in motion.


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Maintained Output
Clippard THNTD Circuit, Maintained Output


Occurs as long as both palm buttons are held. Release of either button terminates the output (shipped in this configuration)

How: Connect E to F using a piece of 5/32” O.D. tubing as a jumper

Momentary Output
Momentary Output


Gives a single output pulse that is about 50 ms in duration.

How: Plug E with 5/32” Push-Quick Plug (11755 screw plug if using CM-023); F is open

Cancelable Output
Cancelable Output


Terminates the output after a Normally-Open 3-way limit valve has been tripped, even if both palm buttons are held.

How: Interpose Normally-Open 3-way valve or other circuit function

Cancel Output After Time Delay
Clippard's THNTD Circuit, Cancel Output After Time Delay

A variation of Cancelable Output (above) where pneumatic delay valve such as Clippard’s Model R-331 is set to cancel the output after a designated time interval has elapsed regardless of how long the buttons are held.

How: Interpose Normally-Open 3-way delay valve (see R-331)