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Design World Product Review, EVPD Proportional Valve Driver


Clippard's EVPD Proportional Valve Driver

The EVPD Proportional Valve Driver from Clippard helps to fast-track valve-control applications. This product is suitable for laboratories as well as OEM product development. It produces driver current for our EVP series valves here the driver current is proportional to input control signals.

Features include:

• Linearized valve response right "out of the box"
 so it's truly plug and play
• 3 selectable valve output ranges

• 5 signal inputs to choose from

• Easy integration with existing machine controls

• User-adjustable parameters

• Automatic Temperature Compensation to maintain a constant current

• Two configuration options: stand-alone PCB or enclosed in housing

• And a nice, compact size

The tuning adjustments allow a user to:

1. Adjust the command signal needed to start opening the valve
2. Adjust the opening current to the valve, and
3. To limit the maximum current to the valve so as to restrict the valve maximum opening and prevent current beyond the valves solenoid rating.

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