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EVP Proportional Valves

Clippard EVP Series Proportional Flow Control Valves combine the features of the well-known and trusted original EV Series valves with the additional capability of proportional control. The EVP Series provides air or gas flow control, and varies the output flow based on the current input to the solenoid. The consistent gain of this valve provides a high degree of control for many applications.

Controllability and overall value are the main features of the EVP Proportional Valve Series. The valve may be controlled using DV current, open- or closed-loop control, and even PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to cover a broad range of applications.

Clippard EVP Series Proportional Control Valves

• Flow proportional to input control
• Low power, fast response
• Exceptionally long life
• Quiet operation
• Single moving part
• Low friction and wear
• Three connection styles
• Variety of mounting options available

Valve Type: 2-Way, Proportional
Medium: Air, Gases
Operating Temperature: 32° to 120°F (0° to 50°C)
Wattage: 1.9 watts at 23°C
  2.3 watts max.
Mounting: In-Line or Manifold
Portig: #10-32 Female (In-Line)
  #10-32 Male Stud (Manifold)
Material, Seals: Nitrile Standard
  FKM, EPDM & others available
Max. Hysteresis: 10% of full current

Specialized Manifolds
Pilot Manifold #10-32 Inlet, 1/8" NPT Outlet
Single Supply 1/8" NPT Inlet, #10-32 Outlet
Dual Supply 1/8" NPT Inlet, #10-32 Outlet
Side-Ported #10-32 Inlet, 1/8" NPT Outlet
Side-Ported 1/8" NPT (R1/8) Inlet, #10-32 Outlet
Single-Station 1/8" NPT Inlet, 1/8" NPT Outlet

Multi-Valve Manifolds
Single-Sided 2-Station
Single-Sided 4-Station
Single-Sided 6-Station
Double-Sided 8-Station
Double-Sided 12-Station
EVP Flow Chart


EVPD Proportional Valve Driver

Plug-and-Play Control for Proportional Valves

The EVPD Proportional Valve Driver fast-tracks valve-control applications. This product is ideal for laboratories and OEM product development, and can be customized to fit OEM applications including control parameters. The EVPD produces driver current for Clippard's EVP series valves proportional to input control signals.

• Linearized valve response right "out of the box"
• Three selectable valve output ranges
• Five signal inputs to choose from
• Easy integration with existing machine controls
• User-adjustable parameters
• Automatic Temperature Compensation to maintain constant current
• Two configuration options: stand-alone PCB or enclosed in housing
• Compact size

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