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SCPV Series Stepper-Controlled Proportional Valve


Clippard’s SCPV Series stepper-controlled proportional valve provides phenomenal flow control. In this quick video, Clippard Product Manager Doug Paynter provides an overview and explains four of the valve’s key advantages.

Video filmed at Clippard in Cincinnati, Ohio


Hi everyone, I’m Doug Paynter, Proportional Product Manager here at Clippard. Today we’re going to discuss Clippard’s SCPV high flow proportional valve and some of the advantages it brings to the table.

The SCPV being a high flow proportional valve brings four different advantages to the table:
    1. Ease of system integration
    2. Low hysteresis
    3. Low power consumption
    4. The ability to provide unique flow curves?

Ease of System Integration

The SCPV provides phenomenal proportional flow control made easy when integrating into a PLC. All you need is a 12 to 40 volt unregulated power supply, a bipolar chopper driver or a chip if you decide to design your own drive circuit, and a PLC. Now, Clippard does provide a bipolar chopper driver, the SCPVD-1, which is typically used in the initial testing phases of all applications.

Low Hysteresis

Hysteresis can be a programmer’s nightmare. Virtually all proportional valves that are in the field have some inherent mechanical or magnetic hysteresis. What it means is that each valve is going to have different flow characteristics at the same set point. The SCPV has virtually zero hysteresis. It utilizes a 3-1/2 degree needle that’s being positioned through a 152 thousandths orifice with incremental changes of one thousandths of an inch. This gives very tight control when opening and closing of the SCPV flow path.

Low Power Consumption

Another nice advantage of the SCPV is low power consumption and latching ability. The SCPV utilizes less than 4 watts of power when in transition. Just like a needle valve, the SCPV requires no power when holding a closed, open, or flowing position. No other proportional product on the market actually offers that. Fail-safes can be created, now the natural fail-safe of the SCPV is to fail in the last known position. However, with simple modifications to the PLC you can have a fail-safe to fail fully closed or fail in predetermined positions.

The Ability to Provide Unique Flow Curves

Flow characteristics are an obvious decision factor when trying to choose the proper valve for the application. Here at Clippard, we can change the needle, we can change the taper, we can change the orifice. All these components are manufactured right here at Clippard. Bringing manufacturing versatility to the table allows for the customer engineering team to decide how best to design our product around the application requirements. Designing a product that actually can provide 1,000 l/min or 500 l/min, changing that needle profile is key to the application’s success.No other competitor can boast of high flow, proportional control with low hysteresis, low power consumption and manufacturing versatility for the cost.

Remember, Clippard is known for being a strong partner to OEMs who want to design a solution to their application needs. Give us a call with any questions, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. I am Doug Paynter, Clippard Product Manager and all-around good guy. Thank you very much for your time.