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Clippard Stepper-Controlled Proportional Valve

The SCPV Series Valve
High Flow Proportional Valve

The SCPV incorporates the industries most robust and powerful stepper powered linear actuator.  This actuator is used to control Clippard’s proven needle valve technology.   

Imagine the control of a needle valve with an ultra fine thread.  It is smooth, proportional, accurate, and stays in the position you leave it.

Now, couple that with a stepper motor that gives you precision, speed, and is ultimately automated with any bipolar chopper drive you wish to use.  

Anywhere there is a needle valve that is controlling the flow of gas, can now be remotely located, automated, monitored and automatically adjusted to meet what ever demand you have in your application.  

This product answers the need for a reasonably priced - high flow proportional flow control that comes with some great advantages.  Four of the main advantages of this new product are; System Integration, Very Low Hysteresis, Low Power consumption, & Specific Flow Curve cababilities exceeding 500 LPM.

Simplicity of integrating to a PLC

All that is needed is a 12-40 VDC unregulated power supply, a bipolar chopper drive (or chip if designing your own drive circuit) and a PLC. Clippard also offers a variety of boards and resources for boards to control this valve.

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