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Design World Reviews Clippard's EVP Proportional Control Electronic Valves


Clippard’s EVP Series Proportional Control Valves

Today, I’m looking at Clippard’s EVP Series proportional control valves. I have both an EVP-10-1350 and an EVP-10-6025 with me. The 1350 has a 0.013-in. diameter orifice and a maximum pressure of 50 psig, while the 6025 has a 0.060-in. diameter orifice and a maximum pressure of 25 psig.

These pneumatic valves feature fast response, a small package size, long life and a variety of orifice sizes. Plus, they’re under $55. Oh, as far as orifice size, in addition to these two we have here, Clippard also offers 0.009-in., 0.025-in. and 0.040-in. sizes. There are also three connection styles and two mounting types available. Temperature range is from 32 to 150° F.

These valves vary the output flow based on the current input provided to the solenoid. They have a consistent gain, which ensures a high degree of control for most applications.

In our next video, we’ll look at the EVPD proportional valve driver, which can be used with these valves.

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