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Clippard EVP Proportional Valves Selection Tips


How to Select Your
EVP Proportional Valve

Not all configurations are listed online. Please contact Clippard for assistance with product selection.

In selecting your EVP Proportional Flow Control Valve, you have many variables to choose from. Each variable will affect others and this is a simple guide to point you in the right direction. To select the best valve for your application, focus on these three: Control Signal, Valve Orifice and Operating Pressure.

If you can't find the right configuration for you, that doesn't mean we dont have it...
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Control Signal:

Everyone understands voltage, however, this valve really cares about current. It works by having a change in current vary the magnetic field, which varies the travel or distance the valve is opening. 

Coil Information:
Voltage Range Nominal Voltage Nominal Coil Resistance Max Current
0-5 5 13.5 .370A
0-10 10 54 .185A
0-20 20 218 .093A



Don't forget... Clippard manufactures these valves and has the capability to customize your valve! 

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IT IS IMPORTANT to specify and use a calibrated valve that matches your application. Be sure to use a valve set to your operating pressure to assure you have an all-around good performing valve for your set up.  

Otherwise... The required power for opening the valve will be high, and the resolution to set your flow proportional will be poor.



Valve Orifice:

Our Standard Orifice Offering:

Orifice (in) Max Flow* (l/min) P/N Code Max Pressure (psig)
0.009 2.7  +/- 10% 09 100 psig
0.013 6.7 +/- 10% 13 100 psig
0.025 22.0  +/- 10% 25 100 psig
0.040 18.7  +/- 10% 40 50 psig
0.060 14.0  +/- 10% 60 25 psig

*Measured at Max Pressure    

Operating Pressure:

The EVP Proportional Flow Control Valve can be calibrated for pressures less than the maximum pressure shown above. Lower pressures may be substituted in increments of 5 psig, and will be used for calibration. For pressures less than 10 psig, please consult Clippard's Tech Team.

Clippard EVP Chart - Maximum Flow vs. Operating Pressure


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