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Flow Controls

  Clippard Precision Flow Control Valves

Clippard offers four styles of adjustable flow controls with #10-32 through 3/8” NPT ports. 

They are an ideal valve for use with a cylinder, providing a slow extend stroke while allowing a fast retract stroke. Flow controls are also used in delay functions when using air piloted valves.

MFC/JFC Series Combination Needle & Check Valve Flow ControlsMFC/JFC Series
These combination needle and check valve flow controls are typically used to control air flow from air cylinders, thereby controlling the speed at which the piston strokes, either while extending or retracting, depending on their location in the circuit.

•  Combination Needle/Check Valves              
•  NPT or PQ Inlets
•  #10-32, 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" NPT Threads / 5 Tubing Sizes                            
•  Meter In / Meter Out Styles
•  Rotating ports for precise tube positioning
•  Screwdriver Slot, Knurled Knob or Recessed Needle Adjustment

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Push-Quick Right Angle Series Elbow Flow ControlsPush-Quick Right Angle Series
The PQ-C Elbow Controls are ideal for low cost and lightweight applications when mounting directly to an NPT port on a cylinder or valve is required.

•  Meter In / Meter Out                                   
•  #10-32, 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" NP Threads / 5 Tubing Sizes
•  Complete rotation ensures optimum tube positioning
•  Knurled Knob Adjustment

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Push-Quick In-Line Series Flow Controls

Push-Quick In-Line Series
The In-Line Controls can be easily added to existing circuitry and are lightweigt and compact. Since it is a tube-to-tube connection, in-line flow controls may be installed as a meter in or meter out device.

•  Meter In / Meter Out
•  7 Tubing Sizes
•  Knurled Knob Adjustment

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Block Manifold Series Flow ControlsBlock Manifold Series
These precision-made valves offer independent valves sharing only a common body. This allows separate pressures and/or gases to be used while simplifying mounting.

•  Meter In / Meter Out
•  #10-32 Threads
•  2- to 8-Station Units
•  Knurled Knob or Screwdriver Slot Adjustment

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