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Pneumatic Solutions for Digital Mass Flow Controls


In the early years of process controls, engineers were forced to rely on flow meter tubes and needle valves to control gas flows. Many applications require critical, precise variations of gas control, prompting an ever-growing need for more accurate and repeatable ways of controlling flow and/or pressure of a gas.

The first attempts at electronically controlling gases were electronic units controlled with an analog signal to a board controlling various valves. These units featured greater control when compared to the needle valves, but still had problems with accuracy. Process engineers now have more accurate, reliable solutions with advancements in flow and pressure sensors coupled with new valve technologies.


Digital Mass Flow Controllers feature microprocessor capabilities that allow for either analog or digital input, and provide analog or digital output with memory capability. Accuracy has been dramatically improved over the years—Digital and Analog Mass Flow Controllers now provide process engineers with the immediate benefit of an accuracy and repeatability to meet the demanding applications of today.

long life

Clippard has been working with mass flow control companies for years with its EV/ET series valves. Clippard EV/ET valves are precision-built 2- and 3-way versions utilizing a unique, patented valving principle with no sliding parts. As a result, low power consumption and exceptionally long life are major benefits of this design, making them well-suited for Digital Mass Flow Controllers.

Due to the valve size and poppet movement, EV/ET series valves flow 17 l/pm at 100 psig. A booster can be added with a simple assembly process to bring the flow up to 176 l/pm.

higher flow

Clippard also offers the DV Series, a powerful new valve which is built on the same valving principles as the EV/ET series valves, but is designed to flow more. The DV Series valves flow 100 l/pm at 100 psig and are available in standalone, manifold or cartridge versions.

Clippard provides engineering and application expertise to assist companies in the development of new, innovative solutions for digital mass flow control applications. For more information, call 877.245.6247.


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