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Residual Gas Analyzer for Semiconductor Manufacturing


Semiconductor manufacturing is a complex and specialized process with numerous applications for precision gas and pressure control. Learn more about how Clippard's engineering team combined our DR-2 regulator and analytical valve with a special manifold to create a precision flow controller that solved a unique challenge.

Video filmed at Clippard in Cincinnati, Ohio


The manufacturing of semiconductors is a complex and specialized process with numerous applications for precision pressure and flow control. One specific device used in semiconductor manufacturing is a residual gas analyzer. In this application, harsh chemicals are pumped into the device, with numerous sensors used to monitor the process.

A semiconductor manufacturer was facing a big challenge with premature pump failure. The harsh media was degrading the bearings inside the pumps. To address this issue, they devised a solution to install a device that would create a nitrogen blanket around the pump bearings—thus preventing the media from damaging the bearings. However, size, weight, and cost made implementing this solution challenging. That’s when they reached out to Clippard for assistance.

We developed a solution that utilized a precision DR-2 mechanical regulator and an analytical valve with a specific orifice inside to create a precision flow controller. Both products were combined in a small manifold, and we calibrated them to ensure every assembly would maintain the nitrogen blanket and protect the pump bearings.

The accuracy of the DR-2 mechanical regulator allowed the customer to choose a smaller, more cost-effective option to control the pressure flowing through the fixed orifice. The result was a precision flow controller that could be controlled with a simple analog signal open and close the valve. Clippard’s ability to precisely tune the controller to the customer’s exact flow requirements solved the problem and created a long-lasting, robust solution.

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