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EV Mouse Valves

Clippard - Functional Simplicity

The design of Clippard electronic valves is a deceptively simple arrangement with a minimum of operating parts, and remarkably straight forward low power operation.

Clippard Electronic EV Valve
• The Clippard “spider” is the only moving part and its motion to operate the valve is a mere 0.007” travel.

• Low voltage D.C. inputs, signals from simple manual switching up to computer directed systems, move the spider in extremely fast response time   .  .  .  5 to 10 milliseconds.

• The unit uses extremely low power (0.67 watts at the rated voltage) and is cool running. The valves are light in weight, compact in physical size and mount easily in space-saving packages make them ideal for many ultra low leak applications..

Electronic Valve The complete line of EC, EV, ET and EW electronic valves are available with two mounting options.
Standard base models have two 6-32 threaded, 7/32” deep mounting holes. Manifold models are
equipped with a bottom stud, 5/32” long with #10-32 thread, which fits Clippard standard and special manifolds, accessory valves and subplates. Spanner holes in the valve body permit tightening.
Corrosion-Resistant Electronic Valve Corrosion-Resistant “CR-” Series
Clippard's Corrosion-Resistant Series (CR-) incorporates materials and construction that provides enhanced protection for valves used with mildly corrosive media such as moisture in air or gases. Where stainless steel is not possible, plating is incorporated to add life to wear components. A nickel-plated brass valve body is standard, but stainless steel may be substituted.
Analytical Series Electronic Valve

Analytical “A-” Series
Clippard’s Electronic Analytical Valve (A-) series combines the proven features of the “Mouse” series with the specific needs of the analytical industry, and for applications where cleanliness is especially important. Special materials, manufacturing and assembly processes make this valve perfectly suited for applications where internal cleanliness, bubble-tight operation, and long life are imperative.

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Oxygen Clean Electronic Valve

Oxygen "O-" Series
All EV, ET, EC and EW series electronic valves with the “O-” part number option are available manufactured and assembled for use in Oxygen-enriched environments for applications that are extremely sensitive to contamination.

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