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Adjustable Pressure Regulators

New! DR-2 Series Precision Regulators

The new DR-2 Series pressure regulator is specifically designed for applications that require high levels of precision. It features the same flow and performance characteristics as Clippard's reputable MAR-1 Series, but is designed with a unique diaphragm seal that provides greater accuracy and exceptional repeatability—±0.15 psi.


• Exceptional repeatability (±0.15 psi)
• Provides high level
  of precision and accuracy

MAR-1 Series Pressure Regulators

A popular choice since 1962, the MAR Series is a great value! Its simple, robust design provides exceptional durability and long life. Choose from a variety of mounting configurations and adjustment options, or contact Clippard to discuss how this regulator can be customized.


• Simple, robust design
• Tried & true—known for reliability,
  durability and long life
• Variety of adjustment options
  and mounting styles