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Hose Barb Fittings


 Minimatic® Barb Fittings from Clippard

Minimatic® barb fittings provide a flexible, easy alternative to ferrule and push-to-connect design fittings.

Clippard Minimatic® barb fittings are designed to be used with Clippard urethane hose. The flexibility and strength of urethane hose and the compact design of the fittings are ideal for pneumatic applications where convenience and size are considerations. The Minimatic® barb fitting used with Clippard urethane hose will provide a leak free connection that will hold well beyond the working pressure of the hose without the need for additional clamps.

Minimatic® barb fittings are available in a wide variety of configurations in a number of styles including tee, connectors, crosses, swivel, and universal. Barb sizes can be mixed on the same fitting for applications requiring multiple tubing sizes. The electroless nickel plating of Minimatic® barb fittings provides corrosion resistance in applications involving high moisture, while enabling the fittings to retain their original, lustrous appearance. Nitrile gasket included with #10-32 threads except when ordered in bulk.


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Single-Barb Fittings
• Allow for easier assembly onto tubing
• Provide less leakage potential and increased pressure
• Reduce the need to constantly tighten the assembly
• Provide a single sharp edge allowing the barb to catch 
  onto the tubing for a leak-free connection
• Require less clamp pressure
• Allow tubing to “relax” to its original size which is essential
   to the assembly and pressure of the connection.
Clippard Single-Barb Fittings