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Clippard Push Quick Fittings Installation & Removal Instructions

Installation of Tubing or Hose into fitting
1. Slowly push a clean and perpendicularly cut tubing into the fitting until it comes to a dead stop.
2. Pull the tubing back gently until the Gripper Ring of the fitting grips onto the tubing and has a good seal.

Removal of Tubing of Hose from fitting
1. Push in evenly on the two long oval sides of the Release Button.
2. Pull out the tubing while keeping the Release Button depressed.
3. To reuse the tubing; cut off the lodged portion of the previously used tubing evenly and perpendicularly.

Installation of Pipe Fittings with Pre-Applied sealant
1. Tighten fitting by hand, then turn it 2 or 3 turns with a wrench until it reaches the desired torque listed.
2. If the fitting is used and the sealant coating is not in good condition, apply Teflon® sealant tape to the threads.


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