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Modular IO Circuit Assembly

I/O Modular Sequencer Installation Tips      

Modular Valve Line Overview

Modular Valves are quite simple compared to other pneumatic components when you examine the elements that make up the line of products.  Essentially there are only 3 base valves and 18 different ways to actuate the base valve.  These combinations give a variety of versatile valve elements that broaden the possibilities when designing a pneumatic circuit.  These valves are the ideal manifold mounted solution to pneumatic circuit applications.

Air Pilot Actuator Selection

    MPA series air pilot actuators attach to the top of our miniature 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way valves and electric switches via a 15/32-32 mounting thread to provide pressure pilot actuation from a pneumatic signal.

Acrylic Subplates Save Time & Headaches!


Custom Pneumatic Circuit Boards

You can have a faster, more dependable way to produce multiples of the same pneumatic circuit.  This is a system that enables you to speed circuit assembly while assuring accurate hookups.

Clippard Analytical Valve Cleaning Specification

Specification ES-3.43
The purpose of this document is to describe the materials and methods Clippard uses to clean electronic valves (EC, ET, EV and EW Series) intended for use in analytical environments.

Clippard Cartridge Valve Bore Drawing & Dimensions

Clippard Miniature Cartridge Valves

Clippard miniature cartridge valves offer the user flexibility in the application of 2-way and 3-way Normally-Open or Normally-Closed valves.

Clippard Gasket & Sealant Tips

Gaskets are recommended for use with Clippard fittings. They provide snug, dependable seals without extra effort or materials. The most popular gasket for static sealing of #10-32 threads is the 11761-2 Nitrile Gasket. This gasket is included with packaged fittings and comes installed on a variety of Minimatic® slip-on fittings. Overtightening fittings with gaskets may have a tendency to extrude the gasket. While this may be a concern, the actual sealing is being accomplished by a small piece of the gasket at the base of the threads.