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Case Study: Liquid Level Sensing



liquid level sensing

Oil & Water Blend!

Separating oil, gas and water from a tank can be a real challenge. This is especially true when all three are in a tank that is continually building internal pressure.


How to control the pressure and allow for the separation of the three was the challenge faced by designers at Clippard Instrument Laboratory. Their Value Added team’s answer is the VA-1164 liquid level controller. This straightforward and original design includes several standard Clippard parts as well as parts manufactured specifically for the unit. 

The specially-designed block manifold houses a normally-closed, 2-way poppet valve with pilot sensor, three cartridge valves, two pressure gages, and a stainless steel micron filter. In addition, a sight glass is attached to the block that allows for easy inspection of the set point.

Cordova Flow Controls, Greely, Colorado, describes the VA-1164 as a standalone no-bleed level control head used to replace common cantilever or torque tube level control heads that either don’t perform consistently, or are high-bleed controllers.

Operation of the VA-1164 controller is actuated by a float inside the separation tank. As the liquid rises, the float moves a rod that touches the pilot actuator valve which sends signal to a cylinder that opens a valve that release liquid from the tank. The challenge is to keep the tank level allowing for continuous flow of gas, which also brings some water and oil from the source.

One of the features of the VA-1164 is the no-bleed design, whereas previous models constantly bleed gas, meaning it is environment friendly. Another is the sight glass which not only provides for immediate visual inspection, it also prevents dust from getting into the sensing area. The VA-1164 also includes a stainless steel filter at the supply connection, a manual override and a threaded port for venting or piping away exhaust.

With ease of installation, accuracy, durability and cost effective operation, the VA-1164 is a true value added controller for many applications.


Clippard Liquid Level Controller

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