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Case Study: Olfactory Stimulants



olfactory stimulants

According to some researchers, our sense of smell takes a backseat to sight, hearing and taste. However, more advanced studies show that the olfactory system plays an equally important roll in our everyday lives.



ScentAir Corporation, Charlotte, NC, is a global leader in developing fragrances that aid in the interaction of the world around us. Fragrances are being used more and more to help develop a mood, emotion or reaction in all types of environments, from retail businesses to the entertainment industry, military training, corporations and more.


ScentAir Pneumatic Fragrance Delivery System


air quality

It is widely accepted that air quality is a major factor in our quality of life, not only in the great outdoors, but indoors as well. Much research has been devoted to improving indoor air quality, especially where there are numerous inhabitants in a single building. The challenge is to maintain acceptable levels of air quality for all within that environment. This is more commonplace with a thermal comfort system such as the furnace or air conditioner at home, but not so when attempting to maintain an acceptable level of smell comfort.

Some studies have noted that the only way to truly achieve an acceptable level of air quality and comfort is by the combination of thermal and olfactory stimulants. Thermal comfort refers to both temperature and humidity control, which must be maintained at a balanced level in order to optimize the use of olfactory stimulants. And, in order to be effective, they must also be maintained at a level just above detection.


fragrance delivery

Developing fragrances for a specific purpose and having the means of delivering that fragrance are totally different challenges. There are many ways scents can be delivered in our everyday lives. Look on the shelves of your local retailer and you will find numerous types of aerosols and pumps. Other types of delivery systems include hanging baskets and scent packs used in vacuum cleaners or HVAC system air ducts.

ScentAir utilizes Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc.'s miniature pneumatic products to deliver their fragrances in numerous applications. Thurston Chandler of ScentAir, says "Clippard's Minimatic line of electronic EV valves and boosters work extremely well, are compact and provide the reliability we need, especially when we take our demo trade show van on the road. The EV valves are particularly applicable when it comes to delivering multiple scent applications. And, for applications that require a more compact valve, Clippard's 15 mm electronic valves are ideal."

What does all this mean? Well, it could mean that the next time you go into your local sporting goods store and it smells like the great outdoors, it is probably utilizing some behind the scenes fragrance that is being delivered at just the right level of acceptance. Or, the next time you head to the ballpark and your mouth starts watering because of the smell popcorn or hot dogs, the scents from the cookers might just be aided by another delivery.



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