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Pneumatic Security


Clippard Pneumatic Solutions

Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. has integrated the Proxy III security system with a pneumatic operating system that is easy to install, maintain and is a cost effective operation.

Pilot-Operated Check Valves


Clippard Tech Tip

In this demonstration, see the smooth, controlled motion that can be achieved with Clippard's pilot-operated check valves.

Watch the Tech Tip Video:


Clippard Cylinders Help Safely Dispense Traffic Cones



Automated Traffic Cone Dispensing Machine

Automated traffic cone dispensers allow cones to be safely set up and collected in the middle of the highway. This machine uses Clippard cylinders for speedy deployment of the traffic cones.


Robots Come FIRST® at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade®


Team Members and their Robots to Lead the 87th Annual Parade in New York City with Help from Southwest Airlines and FedEx