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Hall A1, Booth 225B at Analytica in Munich


See New Clippard Miniature Pneumatic Valves Series April 1-4 at Analytica Hall A1, Booth 225B in Munich

Analytica 2014

Pneumatic Solutions for Leak Testing


A leak is defined as an unintended passageway that enables fluid to escape plumbing, a component or a system. There are a number of methods used to detect leaks such as pressure decay, mass flow, bubble, sniffing and vacuum.

Pneumatic Solutions for Leak Testing

Pneumatic Security


Clippard Pneumatic Solutions

Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. has integrated the Proxy III security system with a pneumatic operating system that is easy to install, maintain and is a cost effective operation.

Pilot-Operated Check Valves


Clippard Tech Tip

In this demonstration, see the smooth, controlled motion that can be achieved with Clippard's pilot-operated check valves.

Watch the Tech Tip Video: