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Pneumatic Solutions for Ride Control


Ever experience the bone jarring, teeth rattling pounding from riding in a boat? Pounding so abrupt and hard you just know your lumbar spine was hammered closer to your cervical spine? The times when you felt like you needed to say to your friends you had a great time, but in truth you were glad to be back on land? Now, imagine going even faster—hitting the waves even harder, and with more frequency...


Gliding on Waves

greater safety & control

Covering the vast coastlines of our waterways, the military must at times endure the extreme harshness of fast speed and unnerving demands for control. In order to provide greater safety and control, Clippard's value added team, working in concert with Shockwave engineers, has developed a custom engineered system that provides a much safer, smoother ride.

Shockwave Seats, a division of Professional Components, Sidney BC, Canada, has developed products that have been used in numerous markets, including; military and law enforcement, rescue and patrol, racing and performance, cruising and fishing, and much more. According to president David Smith, Professional Components was awarded the single largest shock mitigation seat contract by the United States Coast Guard to supply seats for Homeland Security patrol vessels.

"The Coast Guard wanted a simple solution to enable them to adjust the air shock absorber for varying payloads and sea conditions. We had a rough idea of what we needed and built a crude working prototype. Clippard took the idea and ran with it, and within a short period of time we had the slick, robust version we call the RCC or Ride Control Center.The Coast Guard likes it, and we have enjoyed our working relationship with Clippard."

custom engineered

It is a very straight forward solution. First, the system is pressurized by pumping the stainless steel cylinder the necessary number of times to allow for the weight of the passenger. It is then locked (stowed) in position. From here, it is a matter of personal preference as far as the cushion of the ride is concerned—the easily accessible ride control valve enables the passenger to adjust the amount of air/ how fast the air can pass through the air volume tank. The more air that is allowed to escape, the more cushy the ride.

Clippard's control system includes a stainless steel cylinder, special aluminum manifold, four cartridge stem valves, a ride control valve, mufflers, knobs, and a pressure gauge.



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