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12-Port #10-32 Hex Manifold
May be mounted on jigs, fixtures or machinery to provide up to 12 convenient #10-32 outlets from one standard 1/8” pipe connection; may be used with any Clippard #10-32 fittings, quick connects and many other devices; unused ports can be plugged with screw plug 11755.


6-Port Rotary Manifold 
May be used either as a rotary joint or as a stationary manifold. Ideal for distributing air or liquid from center column onto a rotary index table. Unused ports may be plugged with screw plug 11755 and gasket.

Low RPM applications


Miniature Terminal Blocks
To help organize connections in circuit boxes, control panels and machine piping. Cross drilled mounting holes permit mounting of “T” in any direction. Use screw plug 11755 to plug unused ports.


#10-32 Block Manifolds
One end may be used as the air supply to the manifold and the other end plugged.
#10-32 Block Manifolds with #6 Screws
One of the stations must be used as the air supply to the manifold.




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