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Clippard News

Applications Ideal for Pneumatic Controls


Managing Editor of Design World, Leslie Langnau, speaks with Rob Clippard of Clippard Instrument Labratory about simple applications where 100% pneumatic controls are ideal for systems that are repeatability is constant. In these types of machines, pneumatic controls often make more sense - and are more cost-effective - than electronic controls.

Air Guitar Interview with Design World Magazine


Managing Editor for Design World, Leslie Langnau, speaks with Robert Clippard of Clippard Instrument Labratory about their innovative and creative air guitar. The Guitar uses the company's pneumatic cylinders, valves, and manifolds to automate a guitar and show some of their capabilities.

Clippard Pneumatic Music Tree in the News


Cincinnati Museum Center plays host  to Clippard's Pneumatic Tree


Pneumatic Yogurt Cannon


This pneumatic cannon was built by Clippard for Possible Worldwide Labs.  The cannon shot cups of yogurt 100 feet at undisclosed rates of speed, creating yogurt art for a special advertising proposal.


Ready, Aim, Fire!


NASA Educational Application


Clippard Products in Educational Applications and Projects

Singer ICN Tufting Machine Produces Intricate Pattern Carpet; Saves Valuable Yarn


Application Story Published by Clippard, 1984

Clippard Valves and Cylinders Contribute to Unique Capability

The new ICN (individually-controlled needle) tufting machine produced by The Singer Company is a major step forward for the carpet industry in productivity and flexibility.

Clippard Cylinders Make Delicious Jelly Doughnuts


Clippard Cylinders Fill Jelly DoughnutsMmmm... Jelly doughnuts!

A New England baking company uses Clippard cylinders for poking into their dough and blowing it up to create delicious jelly-filled doughnuts.



Clippard Vending Machine Applications


Application Story Published by Clippard, 1985

Clippard’s MAV-4 4-way valves have been used on coffee vending machines in quantities. Ultimately, air cylinders will replace many solenoids for more dependable power in smaller spaces. This will allow vending machines of the future to be made smaller and to require less servicing. In fact, the vending machine industry offers an almost unlimited potential for Clippard controls.