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Pneumatic Solutions for Lumbar Support


Long periods of sitting flatten the lumbar curve that leads to a variety of back problems. Seating that lacks proper and adjustable lumbar support and cushion bounce leave their users vulnerable to physical pain and long-term damage.

Pneumatic Solutions for Lumbar Support

Clippard Miniature Whisker Valve


Clippard's MWV-1 is a 2-way, Normally-Closed miniature whisker valve for use with bleed pressure piloted control circuits. The valve's coil spring, stainless steel whisker is easily replaceable and can be formed to different shapes.

Clippard Pneumatic Product Catalogs, Metric Version

Many Clippard valves are available in metric, including a large variety of Clippard electronic valves and control valves. In addition to metric ports, these "M-" metric valves also feature metric wrench flats, metric hex sizes, and metric mounting threads.

Same-Day Shipping

Clippard Offers Same-Day Shipping

Hundreds of control valves, electronic valves, fittings and other pneumatic products are in stock and ready to ship now!

Pneumatic Solutions for Wound Therapy


Clippard Wound TherapyThe lack of standardized wound therapy methods and care contributes to unnecessarily long treatment and healing times. In addition, these factors contribute to excessively high costs borne by patients and health plans. Various new technologies and discoveries are bringing to patients the ability to work with their doctors to get wounds under control with pneumatics.