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10 & 15 mm Electronic Valves

All of the benefits of Clippard quality and reliability are available in these 10 mm and 15 mm valves. Offered in both normally-open or normally-closed models, these 2-way and 3-way valves are perfect for small areas where compact electronically-controlled pneumatics are needed.

This series has a high strength, engineered light-weight glass filled nylon body, along with stainless steel, copper and nitrile, making it suitable for a broad range of applications. With exceptional life and reliability, this is the perfect sub-miniature valve for tomorrow's needs in a wide variety of industries.

Clippard 10 & 15 mm Electronic Valves

• 2-way or 3-way operation
• Detachable coil and body
• Variety of circuit features
• Manifold options available
• RoHS compliant
• Multiple connectors—snap-in plugs,
  wire leads, custom plugs, DIN
• Available LED for confirmation of
• Highly visible manual override provides
  valve actuation without power
• High durability and corrosion-resistant
  glass filled nylon housing
• FKM seals and nitrile gasket
  (FKM available)
• One piece gasket for manifold mount
• Encapsulated low wattage coils

Valve Material: Glass filled nylon, stainless steel, nitrile or FKM elastomer
Electrical: The coil is constructed of copper wire and is insulated according to the class "F" standard.
   All circuitry and connections are protected from corrosion.
Weight: 10 mm Series: 0.4 oz; 15 mm Series: 1.3 oz

10 mm Valves


15 mm Valves


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