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Pneumatic Solutions for Lumbar Support


Long periods of sitting flatten the lumbar curve that leads to a variety of back problems. Seating that lacks proper and adjustable lumbar support and cushion bounce leave their users vulnerable to physical pain and long-term damage.

Lumbar Support Systems

Lumbar support systems cradle the neutral back curvature, reducing back and neck strain by promoting good posture for long hours of work or driving. This support must be dynamic enough to adapt to a number of different body shapes, while firm enough to provide effective support.

Lumbar ANSI

Lumbar ANSI


Fill & Bleed Circuits

A fill and bleed circuit is a combination of pneumatic valve components used to inflate a volume or apparatus in one controllable function and to release or vent pressure in a second controllable function. These circuits are commonly used in applications where a particular pressure, firmness or position can be controlled with the addition or venting of pressure.

Ride Control Systems

These systems utilize pneumatic valves that again "fill and bleed" a device that controls the cushion of the the seat. In these applications, they also incorporate a regulator that allows pressure adjustment based on variables such as weight differences.


Clippard has been successfully partnering with progressive companies in the design and development of innovative pneumatic solutions for their unique lumbar and seat support systems.

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