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Products That Provide Proportional Control of Vacuum


Learn more about some of the different options available for electronically controlling vacuum in this quick video from Doug Paynter, Clippard's Proportional Product Manager...

SCPV Series Stepper-Controlled Proportional Valve


When needing phenomenal flow control, the SCPV stepper-controlled proportional valves are an excellent choice.

How Stepper Motors Provide Precision Control

Learn more about how stepper motors are used to provide a means for tightly controlled motion.

Pneumatic Solutions for Oxygen Mixing & Blending


Learn more about Clippard's wide variety of solutions for gas mixing and blending applications, including critical oxygen applications...

Clippard Stepper-Controlled Proportional Valve

Video: Clippard's SCPV proportional valve incorporates the industries most robust and powerful stepper powered linear actuator.

Clippard SCPV Cartridge & Manifold Configurations

Utilizing the industry’s most robust and powerful linear actuator, the SCPV valve features <2% hysteresis, excellent linearity and a 2 ms reaction time.