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DV Series High Flow Electronic Valves

These powerful DV Series valves feature a compact design, low power consumption, extremely low leak rates, and flow rates to 100 l/min making them ideal for many applications.

Precise, Consistent Control Supports Cell Proliferation


DV proportional valves provide gas feed mechanisms in stirred tank bioreactors.

High Flow in a Miniature Package: Clippard's DV Series

This Design World article explains the design, manufacturing, and application potential of Clippard's DV high flow electronic valves.

Compact Valves Combine High Flow, Extreme Reliability


Machine Design magazine announces the release of Clippard's new line of DV high flow electronic valves.

Watch the DV Valve Product Launch Video


Watch the DV Marketing team brainstorm on the best way to launch their new DV series high flow electronic valves.

Advantages of Clippard's New DV Valve


Lean about the many advantages of the DV high flow valve and applications in medical, analytical and packaging markets. 

Engineering Clippard's New DV Valve


Learn more about the unique features and benefits of the DV series high flow electronic valves.

Design World's Product Showcase: Clippard's New DV Electronic Valve


The DV series electronic valves offer flows to 100 l/min with extremely low leakage rates

Pneumatic Solutions for Leak Testing


Clippard utilizes electronic valves to ensure proper and effective pressure decay testing of products and systems.