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Residual Gas Analyzer for Semiconductor Manufacturing


Semiconductor manufacturing is a complex and specialized process with numerous applications for precision gas and pressure control. Learn more about how Clippard's engineering team combined our DR-2 regulator and analytical valve with a special manifold to create a precision flow controller that solved a unique challenge.

Pressure Driven Flow Control


How Clippard's components offer ideal solutions to pressure driven flow control of liquid media.

A Comparison of Mechanical Regulators vs. Electronic Regulators


How does mechanical regulation compare to electronic regulation? What kinds of applications are best for one over the other? Product Manager Scott Lamb explains the advantages and disadvantages of each in this quick video.

Video filmed at Clippard in Cincinnati, Ohio

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee


Clippard products are used in dispensing applications such as coffee brewing.

Precise, Consistent Control Supports Cell Proliferation


DV proportional valves provide gas feed mechanisms in stirred tank bioreactors.

How does Clippard's DR-2 precision regulator compare to the MAR series?


Clippard's new DR-2 regulator provides the same robust durability as the original MAR regulator but with greater accuracy and repeatability. This video highlights some of the features and benefits of these regulators and explains the new application possibilities available with the DR-2 line.