Pneumatic Sequencers

What is it?  Pneumatic I/O Modules meet unique needs for 100% pneumatically-controlled applications.  Today PLC control is commonly used and cost-effective for applications where complex or multiple programs are used and when multiple platforms are required, such as pneumatic, electronic, hydraulic, and/or data acquisition. 

These pneumatic I/O devices are ideal for:

• Intrinsically Safe environments
• Simple machinery requiring only one program
• PLC type applications that have all pneumatic    components for inputs and outputs.  

This system provides a safe, simple, and cost-efficient answer for pneumatic automation control solutions.

Number of I/O’s Available: How many do you want? Clippard recommends a minimum of 2 pneumatic actuators (2 outputs)

and up to 8 pneumatic actuators (16 outputs) ideally for this option to be cost-effective compared to PLC controllers and 
electronic valves. The sequencing circuit is unlimited for applications requiring more outputs.
Operation: The primary function of this control system is to safely give a pneumatic output for every input given in the correct
sequence without allowing for a possible jump in sequence or false signal.

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R-932 is a 4-way,  5-ported, double piloted, two-position valve designed for sequence control I/O modules.

Temperature: 32° to 140°F 
Pressure Range: 50 to 150 psig
Input Signals: Requires 40 psig minimum
Output Signals: 9 scfm @ 100 psig (designed to pilot only) 
Ports: #10-32 UNF (main supply on VA-024 is 1/8” NPT)
 I/O Modules for Individual Purpose 
Part No.  # of Steps  "L" Dim
CM-024 5 9.5"
CM-035 4 7.75"
CM-026 3 6.0"
CM-025 2 4.5"
CM-027 1 2.75"
R-932 Sequence Valve
Add 1 step to the number of steps needed for Reset Signal
Valves are not included with the CM-XXX Part Numbers.
     Valves must be ordered separately
If you are looking for a single Part Number Assembled, Tested and Shipped directly to you, call us for further information.