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Clippard Push-Quick Fittings Adapters & Plugs


Clippard offers a variety of accessories that are designed for use with Push-Quick Fittings. These include special #10-32 threaded adapters in both male (p/n 11674) and female (p/n 11675) thread configurations and adapters that can be used to plug a Push-Quick fitting.

The threaded adapters insert into Push-Quick Fittings and provide either a male or female thread that can be used to mount any Clippard product with a #10-32 threaded inlet. This allows the direct attachment of the product to a Push-Quick Fitting without hoses or additional fittings.

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Push-Quick Plugs
Clippard offers a variety of Push-Quick Plugs in sizes to fit 1/8” through 3/8” O.D, tubing. These plastic plugs may be used to plug the port of a Push-Quick Fitting for later use. Used as a temporary plug, they may later be removed and tubing inserted to connect to an additional line of a circuit. 

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