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Exhaust Valves

  Clippard Minimatic® Quick Exhaust Valves

Clippard’s J-Series Exhaust Valve offers a variety of design features and provides fast response times and high flow with 1/8” and 1/4” NPT ports. This compact poppet type valve is constructed of brass and is 100% tested to assure the highest quality. The JEV’s primary function is to increase cylinder speed. However, it also enables the use of smaller directional valves, longer control lines and can be used as a shuttle valve.



• Enables use of smaller control valves
• 15 to 150 psig maximum
• Male outlet offers direct connection to cylinder
• Up to 1,600 l/min @ 100 psig
• Low shift ratio
• Over 32 standard configurations
• Custom configurations also available
• Brass construction with molded Nitrile seal


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Quick Exhaust Valve Application on Cylinders


   Product Series
  MEV Series   #10-32 Threads   Miniature MEV Exhaust Valve
  JEV Series   1/8" NPT & 1/4" NPT   NPT or In-Line Mounting