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Octoport Port Coding

The coding method shown here is used on the individual product
catalog sheets. You will find a port usage diagram furnished for each variation of each model shown. Letters are used to identify port usage:
S - Supply or Signal
O - Output
E - Exhaust
P - Pilot Input
Where more than one supply, output, exhaust, etc. are involved in one
module, subscript numerals are provided: S1, S2, etc. Where an auxiliary output is provided it may be identified by the letter O in parentheses: (O).
NOTE: Many of the Octoport valves have multiple ported supplies,
outputs, or exhausts, etc. The port usage symbols will usually show
one or the other of these ports with an “X” (must be plugged) in it. Both or either of the multiple ports may be used. Unused multiple ports must be plugged. The ANSI symbol will always show which valves have multiple ports.