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Custom Refrigerant Valve for Monopolar RF Equipment


A cosmetic surgery OEM was experiencing challenges with the valves in their monopolar RF equipment. To address the issue, Clippard developed a custom electronic valve with high-performance seals to meet the specific needs of the OEM's unique application.


Valve leak issues undermine performance in OEM's monopolar RF equipment

An OEM of monopolar RF equipment for collagen regeneration required a specialized valve capable of withstanding high pressures and preventing refrigerant leakage. The existing valves were unable to maintain a low leak seal under the elevated pressures necessary for the application, and standard valves were not compatible with the R-134 refrigerant media.

Monopolar RF Equipment for Collagen Regeneration



Clippard develops custom valve to meet OEM's specific application needs

Clippard developed a custom electronic valve that incorporated high-performance seals suitable for the media and was specially engineered to meet the performance requirements of the application's high-pressure conditions. In this application, RF energy is transmitted to penetrate the skin, heating cells to promote new growth and improve elasticity, thereby restoring skin vitality. The valve precisely controls the flow of refrigerant media to cool the skin during this process, preventing surface burns. By collaborating closely with the OEM, Clippard ensured that the valve achieved ultra-low leak rates and compatibility with noise and power requirements, providing a reliable solution that enhanced the equipment's performance.

Diagram of Monopolar RF Equipment for Collagen Regeneration


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