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Pneumatic Solutions for Leak Testing


A leak is defined as an unintended passageway that enables fluid to escape plumbing, a component or a system. There are a number of methods used to detect leaks such as pressure decay, mass flow, bubble, sniffing and vacuum.

Pneumatic Solutions for Leak Testing

pressure decay technology

Clippard utilizes pressure decay technology, and integrates automatic leak testing circuitry into our assembly equipment. We use our EV/ET, DV and EM series electronic valves to fill and hold pressure because they are bubble tight, do not generate heat, and have a billion cycle life expectancy.

The Analytical Series has been designed specifically to reduce and limit potential leak paths within the valve.

reliability & accuracy

For reliable, accurate leak test equipment designs, Clippard provides:

High flow valves capable of filling large volumes quickly

Built-in pneumatic circuits that automatically switch leak
  tests from one side of a part to another

Optimized systems for multiple test pressure
  requirements, etc.

Custom assemblies including valves, cylinders,
  regulators, fittings and more.

Clippard’s miniature valves, actuators, fittings and regulators are ideal for these types of applications.



Clippard Two-Stage System
for High & Low testing

Clippard Two-Stage System for High & Low Testing

Clippard Electronic Valves feature:

• Billions of life cycles
• Industry standard for leak-free operation
• Flow rates to 100 l/min @ 100 psig
• Fast response and low power
• Low heat rise
• Quiet operation
• Multiple seal options


Clippard has a long history of successfully partnering with progressive companies in the design and development of innovative pneumatic solutions for both portable and stationary leak detection equipment.

How can Clippard’s engineering and application expertise assist in the development of efficient, compact pneumatic assemblies for your next leak test application?

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